Saturday, April 26, 2008

"The Word has such transformative effect!"

Received April 26, 3:01 pm

Teaching is a joy. It is about lovingly and humbly offering the Message. It is about connecting hearts to their Beloved. And one of the main motivations is our love for humanity. In this account from Northern Nevada (A), you can feel the love and joy permeating that cluster’s intensive teaching effort.

Dearest Friends,

Happy Ridvan!

May our hearts be turned to the Blessed Beauty on this Holy Day.

Instead of the teaching ending on Sunday, the core team has extended the teaching of the expansion phase into the coming week and weekend of April 26 and 27. The teachers who have visited neighborhoods are feeling more and more empowered and confident to give Anna's presentation. Today a team met a family who welcomed them into their home:

We offered them the presentation which they wanted to hear. Our presenter began using the flipchart at the door, but soon the team of two was welcomed into the home by the family. The children in the home were quick to respond with a warm smile which revealed the kindnesses of the parents. The mother read the quotes and the teacher saw tears begin to well up in the reader's eyes. The Word has such a transformative effect! The entire presentation was given with positive response and a promise to return was given.

"We have never heard of this before," is what the teachers often hear from the people they visit. "Where is your church?" is another question people sometimes ask. "Ah,” we say with happiness, "We are having church right here with you now, sharing heart-to-heart the Word of God with you!"

As we went to meet a new Bahá’í family, we met neighbors along the way and some called out a friendly, "Buenos tardes!" It is hard not to beam knowing that we will be meeting more and more of these friends and having the bounty of telling them about Bahá’u’lláh.

Your daily prayers for the teaching in the cluster are so appreciated and help us greatly. Please do keep the prayers coming, dear Friends!

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