Saturday, April 26, 2008

Junior youth a portal in Whatcom-Skagit

Received April 26, 10:54 am

Another update from the intensive program of growth in Whatcom-Skagit Counties, WA (A). One exciting item relates to junior youth groups, which are the “fourth core activity”. Junior youth groups are still a relatively new concept in many parts of the country, but the friends are learning more about their formation and nurturing—and experiencing that these are an effective portal to growth.

Day 5 saw a wonderful success with the formation of a new junior youth group! A Bahá'í family had moved into a small town as pioneers. They had never been the only Bahá’ís in a town before and were not sure how best to start activities. Since they have a junior youth-aged daughter, they thought that a junior youth group would be easiest to start. This first intensive program of growth seemed to be a great time to begin. The family made plans for how the group would best function in their home and then started inviting friends of their daughter to come. Three friends attended the first meeting. Everyone had a good time and plans were made to meet again the following week, at which more friends would be able to attend. Everything is off to a great start.

It seems the farther into the campaign we get, the more we feel the spirit of Bahá'u'lláh guiding us. Here are some incredible experiences that took place on Day 7:

One team of three went to 22 homes during a door-to-door teaching effort. Though many people weren't home, they were not only able to find some willing listeners, but those receptive souls that we are told are waiting. Several families who did not have time to meet when the team came to their home requested return visits when they would be available.

At one home, fervent prayers were shared, and the family expressed particular interest in learning more about one of the teachings (consultation); the Bahá’ís offered to come back and share more extensively about this topic.


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