Thursday, April 3, 2008

Opening the doors to a declaration

Here is a truly moving account of a declaration during the first expansion phase of the Intensive Program of Growth in St. Louis, MO (A). Read on to see how heart-to-heart connections, Anna’s presentation, and a warm invitation to join the Cause helped open the door for a soul waiting to connect to its Beloved.

Dear friends,

Now it is 1am. I could not sleep till I share this with you. Our friend declared her faith in Baha’ullah just four hours ago at a fireside. It was a very moving and spiritual moment. A Bahá’í had recently met her in the Office Max rather by a providential coincidence. The two connected without prior arrangement, and she had invited her to the fireside last night. After several prayers, we gave the Anna’s presentation. She was agreeable to the first part (every single page of it); helping the cause of unity. Then we moved to the section of the life of Baha’u’llah. The life and the suffering of Baha’u’llah indeed touched her. I could feel the spirit in the room. I asked her if she has been touched by the Spirit of Baha’u’llah, the Glory of God, and she said yes. I asked again to be sure and she was affirmative. Then, we acknowledged her to be a Baha’i. Welcomed her to the Baha’i family, and invited to join the Baha’i community and she agreed.

Is not that Baha’u’llah in the Kitáb-I-‘Ahd says: “Every receptive soul who hath in this Day inhaled the fragrance of His garment and hath, with a pure heart, set his face towards the all-glorious Horizon is reckoned among the people of Bahá in the Crimson Ark…”

As I had finished the page with a quote from Baha’u’llah that says: “The Ancient Beauty has been consented…” , I felt that I need to go to the section of the Bab. As we got to the section of the Laws, the seeker was holding the booklet and she practically taken over the presentation and finished the rest. This is ironic since at the beginning, out of the politeness and consideration, we mentioned that we will not go through the whole booklet tonight. In the section of the short obligatory prayer, her arms stretched heavenward as she was reciting the prayer.

At the end she filled her declaration card, and we shared prayers. She shared with us a story of a beautiful teacup, which was molded out of clay and was spun and painted and heated so it become a beautiful teacup, and she felt that all of her suffering in her life has been for this moment. I have to tell you that the quote from the Tablet of Ahmad, “Remember My days…” was a turning point of her spiritual transformation.


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