Monday, April 7, 2008

Breakthrough in Tarrant County: 39 Declarations

You have probably already been inspired by some of the stories of this past weekend. It was truly a pivotal weekend for Tarrant County TX (A) with breakthrough in its teaching efforts. Our cluster was blessed to have been selected along with two other clusters from the Dallas area by members of the Continental Board of Counsellors for a training field for Auxiliary Board members and resource people from all over the Country. They participated two full days in a Seminar followed by two days of teaching in each of the three clusters along with a few local members from each cluster.

The result was astounding as there was a total of 59 individuals in three clusters who accepted the message of Bahá’u’lláh after receiving Anna’s Presentation. 39 of these souls live in our cluster.

Eight different neighborhoods within Tarrant County were selected to carry out the Teaching initiative with 19 participants. The result of the two day teaching effort in our cluster is as follows:

379 Knocks

270 No Answer

49 Not Interested

60 Return Visits Requested

39 Declarations

The following is the breakdown for the newly declared believers based upon their community:

· Arlington: 19 new believers
8 adults, 2 youth, 1 junior youth, 8 children

· Fort Worth: 8 new believers
7 adults, 1 youth

· Hurst: 8 new believers
2 Adults, 1 Youth, 5 children

· North Richland Hills – 2 believers
1 Youth, 1 Adult

· Euless: 2 new believers
1 Adult, 1 Child

This success in the teaching field was a testimony to the effectiveness of ‘Direct Teaching’ using Anna’s Presentation.

"Teaching the masses is the greatest challenge now facing the followers of Bahá'u'lláh. No work is more important than that of carrying His Message with utmost speed to the bewildered and thirsting peoples of a spiritually parched world. Now . . . we are confident, that the whole Bahá'í world will, with rising enthusiasm and ever-increasing success, press forward with the teaching work…“ The Universal House of Justice, Wellspring of Guidance, p. 42

The consolidation work has already begun with these newly declared believers as well as those who requested for follow-up visits. Already there has been one children’s class begun and others who have expressed an interest in getting their children involved in such classes. Most of the declarants have already received “Confirmation Visits”. This is a visit to confirm the declarants as Bahá’ís. Many others have been receiving Home Visits to deepen them on the Book 2 themes or finish Anna’s Presentation. Friends the work has just begun.

Please pray for the spiritual progress of these souls and for the consolidation efforts.

In His Service,
Area Teaching Committee of Tarrant County


Anonymous said...

this is amazing! out of bout 100 people who answered the door, 39 people declared! that is an amazing ratio!

Meishi and Michael Haslip said...

yes, an amazing ratio! What kind of neighborhoods were you teaching in? Did you scout them out first to know they were so receptive? Thanks, Michael