Monday, April 7, 2008

Breakthrough in St. Louis and Kansas City

Just this past week, 5 new intensive programs of growth were launched. Here is a brief report from two clusters, St. Louis, MO (A) and Kansas City, MO (A). What makes the results truly inspiring is that they represent a “teaching breakthrough” for both these clusters, showing that implementing the Plan can lead to success anywhere.

I hasten to share with you wonderful news of teaching successes in the Central region. Two clusters in Missouri -- St. Louis and Kansas City -- have experienced wonderful results from their intensive expansion phases.

St. Louis had 29 new believers during its just-concluded expansion phase. Kansas City saw 9 in the first two days of its newly-launched expansion phase. Both instances represent a dramatic change from years of very low enrollments. Needless to say, they are using the very same tried-and-true approaches that have seen so much success in other regions. The news of these victories will surely impact the entire region.

Please keep them in your prayers.

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