Monday, April 7, 2008

Unity of Spirit in Jackson County

Take a closer look at Jackson County, OR (A), which has just launched its first Intensive Program of Growth. Everyone is working together in reaching out to seekers and planning a flurry of firesides. The friends have also benefitted from the presence of some visiting resource persons. You can feel the spirit of unity in this report of their activities.

Hi all,

We are off to a good start to our first IPG in Jackson County OR 9. There has been considerable positive interest during the 8 days we have been going. The first 5 days (for practical reasons before the Cluster Reflection Gathering) resulted in one declaration and today we just had 2 more. This was a couple who had been close to the Faith in Ashland. Two believers visited them today. One gave them Anna's presentation in a heartfelt way while the other said prayers. The result was two new Baha'is with small children! We are now at three new Baha'is!

There are 19 different seekers that have attended firesides to date during this effort. 6 more have attended devotionals. All have been through personal contact. Several of these are close to becoming Baha'is. 22 university students signed up for more information. We have a remainder of 19 firesides committed to along with 5 more home visits. This pm there will be presentations to two hispanic women who agree to them today. Further there are efforts to start a Neighborhood children’s class in Talent. We were out yesterday and found a couple of children. More effort will be expended today there.

S. has been here for some days and will be here until Friday. F and R helped with our outreach efforts this weekend. F gave two Anna's presentations in Spanish in the brief time he was here. Their presence has been a real boost to our start.

Many prayers and a united effort are being put forth by the cluster regardless of where the Baha'is live. We have focused on two areas, greater Ashland and Greater Medford. Both areas have really responded.

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Barmak Kusha said...

Bravo to the intrepid souls in Jackson, Co., Ore!!

What are your key learnings so far?

What can A clusters like ours that are "old-timers" do to have more declarations? :)