Sunday, April 13, 2008

Savannah just keeps on moving

A quick update from Savannah, GA (A), which is completing the expansion phase of its first Intensive Program of Growth. The teaching—and the enrollments—continue at full momentum, what more is there to say?

Hello friends:

With one day to go in our first IPG the Savannah Area Cluster welcomes our 16 new enrollments. It has been awhile since I've sent out an email because things have been very busy here. As most of you know we have been working earnestly to meet with and support the 53 new enrollments in the past few months. The friends here have worked increasingly to visit the new friends. We will be ending our intensive teaching phase today but of course there is the real possibility of more enrollments during the consolidation phase.

Please welcome our newest friend and please keep us all in your prayers.

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Lorraine Hétu Manifold said...

Dear Friends of Savannah,

Congratulations on the results of your wonderful project. It was so timely that I learn about your exciting project by watching the recent Bahá’í Newsreel, because a few days later, a Christian Reverend contacted me (how he found me is still a mystery), asking me to teach music to African American children in a low income area of Chicago. I will show him the Newsreel as he is very interested in seeing the results from another community. I would love to speak with someone from Savannah who was involved in the music portion of the project to gain insights on how to help this Chicago community.

Warm greetings from Up North :)

Lorraine Manifold