Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preparing for consolidation

Exciting news from Harrisburg/Lancaster, PA (A), which recently finished the first expansion phase in its intensive program of growth. The teaching work has forged bonds of love and created new friendships. Further, the believers have planned several practical steps for consolidation.

Dear friends in the Harrisburg/Lancaster Cluster:

We wanted to report that the final day of the intensive expansion phase of our first cycle as an A cluster has ended with another wonderful soul entering the Cause of God! Nine teachers participated in the neighborhood teaching today and there are many wonderful stories to share of the receptivity of the seekers and the palpable confirmations that were descending upon those sharing the Message.

So, we now enter with anticipation and excitement the consolidation phase of this cycle, with many new believers to visit and strengthen bonds of love with. The Area Teaching Committee met this morning to begin planning the next steps, which include individual and family nurturing, further development of human resources to carry out the consolidation work through refreshers on the deepening themes from Book 2, and learning how to bring new believers directly into the teaching work.

There are other plans and steps to be taken in the days and weeks ahead and we look forward to bringing these to the community so that those who are interested can see how they might participate.

Our cluster looks entirely different now with the addition of 19 new believers, most of whom are from Latino background. We look forward to spending fruitful hours in this area where so many have been receptive to the call of Bahá’u’lláh.

With loving greetings,

Harrisburg/Lancaster ATC

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