Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Transformation through teaching

Teaching brings transformation. Here is a summary report from the Area Teaching Committee of Hartford-Tolland, CT (A), which recently completed the expansion phase of its intensive program of growth. The friends there prepared themselves to share the message and are now seeing the transformation in their community.

On behalf of the Hartford-Tolland cluster Area Teaching Committee, we are writing you to let you know of our experiences during our expansion phase from April 12 through April 21. Although our report is brief, we feel that several paradigm shifts took place. Efforts were made in new arenas that showed us what other clusters have also been experiencing: direct teaching brings results! Through Anna’s presentation and door-to-door teaching, people heard the name and message of Bahá’u’lláh, hearts were opened, previous contacts were reached on a deeper level, believers arose to teach in ways they wouldn’t have done before, and were empowered by the training in the active refreshers of Book 6. We had 2 enrollments at the end of the expansion phase.

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