Thursday, May 22, 2008

Never too young to teach

Two stories from the Northeast show clearly that children can be effective teachers of the Faith. Even a five-year old can do what grown-ups do: think of the people they know and identify who they can teach.

We went to the home of a seeker whose children are in children's classes. This family took us throughout the neighborhood and introduced us to all of their neighbors. The kids in the children’s class decided to return to the neighborhood to help some of the older residents and one disabled woman with their yards as a service. The spirit of love and community that was created was unimaginable—and people naturally began to ask more about the Faith. Three Bahá’ís returned to the first home to share Anna's presentation with and were met with an incredible receptivity. There are many other people in this neighborhood that can also be visited.

We had a children's cluster meeting at the same time as our adult cluster meeting and the children created their own personal teaching plans for who they would like to teach. A five-year-old decided that he was going to share the Faith with his babysitter. Well, the next week his father learned that this person was in fact interested in learning more, and she came to a fireside the following weekend. She was strongly attracted to the Faith. She has decided to investigate further and is coming to her first study circle tonight!

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