Saturday, May 17, 2008

"It was all a natural process"

The following story from the South shares the journey of a new believer . . .
A young librarian became a Baha'i in our home this morning. Emily's parents are Baha'is but she never declared. As a result of several events, including her parent's recent pilgrimage, a good friend's passing, and her sister becoming an Episcopalian, Emily was moved to seek the Faith vigorously, contacting the Baha'i website in the process. The local seeker response person referred her to us, we made an appointment, and she came to our home this morning. After chatting with her and talking about the Faith, she was invited to join the Faith, which she enthusiastically embraced. She signed the card, we offered prayers, and we then shared Anna's presentation. She will join our Book 1 (Reflections on the Light of the Spirit) study circle with seekers this Sunday evening, and this afternoon she will go with us to her first Feast.
It was all a very natural process.

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