Wednesday, May 21, 2008

75 declare in NYC: "Now is when the real work begins"

In past weeks there has been very exciting news coming from New York City (A), during its latest expansion phase. The friends have been inspired and thrilled by their teaching experiences, and they are now preparing follow-up consolidation activities to carry forward the process of growth. Their excitement is truly infectious.

Dearest brothers and sisters in the City of the Covenant,

It is with great joy and extreme gratitude that this message is sent at the close of our intense expansion phase. During these past 15 days, nearly 100 people participated in a collective door-to-door teaching campaign and 73 souls have declared their belief in Bahá’u’lláh, 5 of which were as a result of direct teaching with personal contacts. Most importantly, the prayers and support that surrounded these endeavors by all the members of the New York City community created a sense of unity unprecedented in recent years.

Now, dear friends, is when the real work begins. We are now embarking on the consolidation phase, during which we will strengthen connections with these precious souls. This will undoubtedly be a learning phase for the entire New York City community as we strive to adapt to the reality of the first stirrings of entry by troops. What we have learned from other clusters is that the consolidation process is one that requires patience, an attitude of learning, and careful and diligent persistence.

There is room for EVERYONE to be involved in the consolidation efforts. At present, consolidation will involve accompanying fellow Bahá’ís on home visits to share the deepening themes from Book 2 with new believers, as well as starting children's classes or junior youth groups with the children and friends of new believers.

Additionally, there will be a series of Consolidation Days in the following weeks. The first ones are this Saturday and Sunday . . . more information to come.

In complete awe,

The New York City Area Teaching Committee

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