Friday, May 16, 2008

Seeker Response connects people to study circles, enroll

Here are two brief accounts from Lansing, MI (B), in which individuals who contacted the National Seeker Response system were connected with local believers who then assisted them to join a study circle.

You asked about ___’s journey to the Faith. Here's how I understand it. She picked up a Bahá’í newspaper which had been left in an employee lounge, and was immediately intrigued by it. A friend observed her reading it and commented that he was also a Bahá’í, further fueling her interest since they were already friends. She called 1-800-22UNITE and was sent literature and also corresponded with her. She was told about study circles and I was contacted to see if there were any going on in our cluster. One began immediately with her and another seeker. At the second session of Book 1 (Reflections on the Life of the Spirit), both of them formally declared their belief in the Blessed Beauty and enrolled in the Faith. They have continued to come to the study circle.

The second seeker had previously contacted the World Center and then was directed to the National Teaching Office. He received literature and contacted the Bahá’ís where he was living at the time. When he moved here, he was visited by two of the friends. He then joined the study circle and declared.


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