Friday, May 16, 2008

Effective follow-ups to internet seekers

Here is a brief report from Oak Brook, IL (A) about a family who learned about the Bahá’í Faith on the internet and then contacted the National Seeker Response System. The seekers were followed up by the friends at the local level, who have worked to ensure that there are activities that they can participate in.


We called them and they were invited to different Bahá’í activities. They are very interested and they think that the Bahá’í Faith can be the answer. I met them in their home and gave them some books including the prayer book and other materials. They received registration cards for their children. I will give you more information as I meet them. Both of them think that they can reach unity through the Bahá’í Faith.

Also, I suggested they host a Ruhi study circle and children’s class in their home, and they agreed.

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