Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reaching out to Spanish speakers

Here is a report from Chicago, IL (A) about a direct teaching effort to reach the Spanish-speaking population in one of that city’s sectors. It is simple and to the point: preparation, action, and follow-up. And who said you shouldn’t hang around on street corners?

Bahá’ís from across Chicago launched a direct teaching campaign on April 5–13 to reach the sector’s large Spanish-speaking population. Eight Bahá’ís fluent in Spanish met several times in advance to practice Anna’s presentation in that language. On 2 consecutive weekends, 4 or 5 teaching teams went out into various neighborhoods and shared with receptive souls the healing message of Bahá’u’lláh. They knocked on doors and met individuals at busy corners or at parks. A few teams also went out during the week.

As a result, nearly 150 individuals heard about the Faith, more than 30 showed interest in learning more, and 2 declared their faith. The campaign is now in the consolidation phase, visiting both the newly declared and those who expressed an interest in learning more.

In addition to Spanish-speaking individuals, the teaching teams made contact with an incredible diversity of people from various nationalities, ethnic groups and walks of life. Those who arose to take part in this project were witness to the confirmations promised in the Writings. The experience they gained will be invaluable for future teaching campaigns across the city.

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