Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Common history interest bridge to teaching

Individual initiative in teaching can take a myriad of forms. Here is a report from Fairhope, AL (C), in which a believer has creatively used connections and common interests to share the message of the Faith.

I will tell you a story about Fairhope. I went to the History Museum in Fairhope and met the curator; we had a long discussion, and I mentioned the Faith and the earliest Bahá’í to the South, Paul Kingston Dealy. The curator told me that they are doing an exhibit two months from now featuring Paul Dealy’s great-grandson, William Dealy, because for years he did caricatures and cartoons of town people, mayors, and other public figures.

I mentioned to him the high station of William Dealy’s great-grandfather. He asked if I would bring him more information. I took him copies of Paul Dealy's letters, as well as Robert Stockman's book, The Bahá’í Faith In America, which has some very good information about Paul Dealy in Chapter 8.

The curator grew more interested and said that he will include some of the information about Paul Dealy in the exhibit on William Dealy. Some of the friends came to Fairhope to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Faith in the South a few years ago and might enjoy this follow-up.

I have invited the museum curator to dinner and will invite the Bahá’ís from the area to attend. I am in hopes that in the future we can host another event here in town commemorating Paul Dealy and perhaps involve the History Museum.

In other news, our region’s seeker response representatives are receiving many inquiries from Texas and Florida. This is a reflection of all the intensive programs of growth in these areas: Hooray!

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