Thursday, May 1, 2008

New believers take the lead in Savannah

Received April 28, 10:02 pm

Savannah, GA (A) continues to grow. The new believers are bringing a wonderful spirit to that community and are stepping into the arena of service. It is also heartwarming to see junior youth developing a Bahá’í identity and confirming their beliefs as they become 15. Here is a brief update from one of the friends.

Dear friends:

What a wonderful Feast we had tonight. Feast, again was attended by mostly new friends and this time with a twist. One of our previous junior youth turned 15 and immediately signed his declaration card yesterday. I thought that was going to be the highlight of the evening until one of our new believers of less than a year presented the community with three declaration cards. Now our new friends are teaching and finding receptive souls!

Two weeks after the end of the first expansion phase of our first intensive program of growth, declarations are continuing to come in as we stand at 21 new enrollments for this cycle. We also have junior youth who have become declared when they reached age 15. Since November of 2007 we have grown by 74 new believers. However, the Five Year Plan is not just about enrollments but more about sustained growth.

Please, please keep us in your prayers that we can continue our efforts.

In His Service,



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