Friday, May 2, 2008

"Now you have answered that question for me"

You will enjoy reading the newsflash below from the ATC from the San Francisco/San Mateo (A) cluster.

Dear Friends of Cluster NC09,

4 beautiful individuals joined our community today! This brings the number of newly declared souls in our cluster to 21!

A young woman declared her belief in Baha'u'llah today, and registered her 3 children. She asked us to come back Wednesday afternoon to share the message of the Baha'i Faith with her husband. Here is the story of the encounter from the perspective of one of the Baha'is who had the bounty of meeting her.

On Wednesday, some Baha'i friends revisited a few of the individuals in East Palo Alto who had initially said they were not interested in hearing about the Baha'i Faith because they had their own religions. This time these individuals were invited to assist with a neighborhood children's class. They agreed to help-- one woman said she would invite her friends to bring their children, and another neighbor said he would contribute the snack. We look forward to establishing these community-uniting activities within this neighborhood!

This is how we met . . . .

She was the 4th person to open the door to us on Thursday afternoon. At first she opened the door only a crack, and my partner explained to her who we were, and gave a 1 minute introduction to the Baha'i Faith (the first paragraph of Anna's Presentation). He asked if she would like to hear more, and she opened the door a little wider, and said yes she would. He continued on to explain the Unknowable Essence of God, progressive revelation, and Baha'u'llah as the Manifestation of God for this age. During this time, the door slowly opened wider and we began to see her two young children peaking from behind her in the apartment. She did not seem to notice the noise of the playing children in the background, and instead watched my partner attentively as he described to her the life of Baha'u'llah. My partner paused to ask her if she felt it was possible that Baha'u'llah was a Manifestation of God. She replied that she had recently been asking herself why it was that in past ages God had sent Prophets, but now he did not send any. She continued, "Now you have answered that question for me-- He has sent Prophets for today." Our hearts were filled with joy by these words! My partner went on to explain the station of Abdu’l-Bahá, The Báb, and the Universal House of Justice. He also spoke of the laws, and emphasized the law regarding the education of children. At the end of the presentation, my partner invited her to join the community. He gave her a declaration card, and a registration card for each of her children, and emphasized that the most important things was that she believed in Baha'u'llah in her heart. She unhesitatingly filled out the card for herself, and for her three children, and asked us to return at 3pm on Wednesday to share the Baha'i Faith with her husband. We left feeling warm from the pure-hearted joy and radiance she shined upon us during our visit!

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