Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG Day 4

A report from the fourth day of Southern Nevada’s (A) expansion phase. The stories show the importance of deeds in several ways.

This has been an eventful fourth day in our second intensive program of growth (IPG) here in the Southern Nevada cluster. Several devoted teachers have been doing follow-up home visits with new believers. Others have been visiting seekers who have requested return visits.

Here's a poignant story from one of our teaching teams from this past weekend: “After giving Anna's presentation I noticed that the seeker (a Hispanic mother) was crying and weeping. She was completely overcome and moved by the presentation, so much so that I could feel the love of Bahá’u’lláh in her heart. She wanted to see the Bahá’ís again but was not comfortable having them come to her home. We assured her that we would visit her wherever she wanted. She asked the teachers to meet her on the playground.”

And another: “As we were leaving one home, my teaching partner asked me if I overheard the conversation right outside the house. I told him I did not as I do not understand Spanish. He told me that the group of children and pre-youth sitting on the dirt playing marbles were talking about us. One of them said ‘Who are those people?’ Motioning to us another replied, ‘They go around talking to people about God; they are good.’ Another spoke up and said, ‘They talk about doing a children's class.’ Another quickly responded, ‘No, they are doing a children's class; my little sister is in it!’"

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