Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG Day 3

The news from Southern Nevada (A) just gets more and more exciting. Here is an excerpt from the friends’ report of the third day of their expansion phase. Most notable is the audacity of the youth, as well as that of the new believers.

A total of eleven teams went out in the morning and afternoon. We are happy to announce that six more individuals have enrolled beneath the banner of Baha'u'llah! We are amazed at the results achieved in a short period of time: eleven declarations in just three days of teaching! Many more have expressed interest in learning about the Faith, and many follow-up visits are planned for this week.

Today, several youth entered the teaching field. Inspired by studying the early heroes of our Faith, they arose to serve. Even more significant is that some of these youth are newly enrolled believers and were able to teach using Anna's presentation in Spanish. The following story from a teaching team with one of these youth stands out: "We knocked and a lady answered the door and told us that she was not interested in hearing about the Baha'i Faith because she was Christian. She then began to close the door. Our new Baha'i youth quickly responded that it was not so long ago that he had become a Baha'i, and that he and his family were from a Catholic background. After hearing the youth's response the lady realized this message must be important so she opened the door and found that she did want to hear the presentation. Although time only permitted her to hear half of the presentation, she invited us to come back and visit."

Dearest friends, your help is needed! We ask that you contact the Area Teaching Committee as we need Baha'i's of all ages to help with the consolidation throughout the work week. Service of any kind would be appreciated including providing rides to members of the Baha'i community doing consolidation, assisting with a home visit to a new Baha'i family, helping with a children's class in the new neighborhoods, offering to help visit a new believer and present the deepening themes from Ruhi Book 2, sharing prayers, tutoring a study circle in the home of a new believer, and countless others! All you have to do is arise!

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