Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG Day 2

A report from second day of Southern Nevada’s (A) expansion phase. The friends there are having heart-warming encounters with their neighbors, and are adapting to their needs, such as language.

Dearest Friends,

Great joy abounds in the Southern Nevada cluster! As we end the second day of our second intensive program of growth, another individual has declared their belief in Baha'u'llah! This brings our total up to five, bringing us close to our goal of twenty-four. Today we had thirty friends from around the cluster go out in nine teams into two neighborhoods.

Late in the afternoon, teams shared heart-warming teaching stories. In one home, a newly enrolled believer explained: “You were sent from God to come to my house and share with me this message and for that I am thankful."

Another team described their experience: “We visited a home and began to do Anna's presentation in English to a young lady. However, after doing a portion of the presentation we noticed that there seemed to be some language difficulty for the seeker although she was very receptive. The seeker seemed to be more comfortable in her native Spanish. So, we decided to switch to the Spanish presentation although no one on our team speaks Spanish. The seeker gladly took the presentation and began reading it and was very receptive to the words.”

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