Monday, June 2, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG Day 5

Day 5 of Southern Nevada’s (A) expansion phase brings more exciting news. This report includes an inspiring story about the power of children’s classes.

Dear Friends,

The onward march of the teaching and consolidation work continues here in Southern Nevada for a fifth day in our second intensive program of growth. The pace has begun to pick up as more teachers are returning to visit the new believers and focus on the consolidation work. Additionally, there are home visits with seekers who asked us to return during the work week. These teachers have seen the Five Year Plan and its core activities in action.

One of the teachers related the following story: "I have been teaching children's classes since the beginning of the last cycle. It's been three months now and each time I go to the neighborhood the same thing happens: the second I set foot on the property all the children from my class start to gather around and want to know what's going on! Most of the kids in the class are not Bahá’ís. So, I decided to do two things today. First, to talk to the families of the children about the Bahá’í Faith, and second, to have the children in my class introduce me to new families who may want to send their kids to the class. With that, we went out.

“As the children in our class gathered around we asked them if they wanted more of their friends to help us. They all gladly agreed! All of the doors were now open to us as the children guided us to every building and insisted that we not miss any of their friends! I was delighted to see that already these children had friends of every background. I was further delighted to see an eight year old Spanish speaker in my class insist on going with us to every house. He even spoke to all the families that I wouldn't have been able to reach. We were even going to doors where people had previously indicated they were not interested in hearing about the Faith. My prayer partner looked at me and asked 'Do you think we should go to these homes?' Before I could reply the children started knocking on the doors. For the next hour and half we visited eight homes with wonderful results. ALL of them wanted their children to attend the class. Just like that our class tripled in size!"

Dear friends, won't you come join us? As you can see we need your help with children's classes!

With warmest love,

Your area teaching committee

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