Monday, June 2, 2008

A new cycle of progress

Each new cycle of an intensive program of growth brings additional learning and progress. Beaverton, OR (A), has just completed another expansion phase, and the friends there have experienced a breakthrough intensive teaching. There are 6 new souls who have entered the Cause, and many more who have been attracted. Here is a summary of a report from one of the believers there.

A collective total of 27 individuals participated on teaching teams, the majority of who reside within the cluster. During the expansion phase there were between three to nine teams teaching at any given time.

Expansion phase activities included the following:

Training for teaching teams

Prayers by teaching teams

Door-to-door teaching in neighborhoods that were selected after being visited by members of the area teaching committee

Prayers at the Bahá’í Center while the teams were teaching

Data collection, entry, analysis and reporting

An evening artistic program attended by friends of the Faith and believers

There were 3 enrolments, 3 child registrations, and about 70 individuals who were interested in learning more about the Faith. The new believers will be participating in weekly devotional meetings and study circles. Follow-up activities will also be carried out for the 70 people who expressed an interest in the Faith.

The teachers were galvanized by their experience in teaching.

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