Thursday, June 19, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG, days 14 to 16

Further news from Southern Nevada (A), which has brought the expansion phase of the second cycle of its intensive program of growth to a glorious conclusion. Active and joyful teachers, new enrolments, multiplication of core activities, and a continuous vision for consolidation—these all add up to exciting news indeed.

Dearest Friends,

We have come to an end of our second intensive program of growth. Seven teaching teams, composed of 23 Bahá’ís, persevered in their mission to teach and consolidate yearning souls. In the past 16 days we have had a total of 41 new Bahá’ís, including 23 adults, 2 youth, 2 junior youth, and 14 children!

Here is a story from one of our teaching teams:

“We had several home visits to do and follow-ups from previous visits. Before we visited one home, we read the notes from the last teaching team that had visited this seeker. The notes mentioned that the seeker had a very busy work schedule. We knocked on the door and introduced ourselves. The seeker invited us in and was very nice, and we started Anna’s presentation. I pushed all doubting thoughts out of my mind, put my trust in God, and did the presentation. When we finished, there was a pause, and silence. I asked him, ‘Do you believe that Bahá’u’lláh is the Manifestation of God for this day?’ He replied that he did. Before we left, our newest Bahá’í brother, who told us he never had any time, said he was going to make time to join a study circle and attend the prayer gatherings.”

Many other victories were won in the equally important arena of consolidation. Countless study circles and devotional meetings were started with the new believers throughout the past 16 days. The children’s classes also added new students with many more looking to join in the coming weeks.

None of this could have been done without the endless love and tireless service of the teachers and the dear friends who provided support to those in the field. On behalf of our cluster, we send a special thank you to our beloved Auxiliary Board members. Their beautiful example, which only begins with sacrificing time and effort to help us, is a constant reminder of the blessings Bahá’u’lláh continually showers on the Southern Nevada cluster!

Now, we officially enter the consolidation phase of the second intensive program of growth tomorrow, June 9. The consolidation phase will last approximately ten weeks. Our goal for this phase will be to nurture the new Bahá’ís into confirmed and steadfast believers who, in their turn, will arise to serve. For some, this process will be gradual. For others, it will be immediate. Ours is the task to provide them with the four core activities, all with love, patience and perseverance. You are warmly invited and encouraged to step forward to help, regardless of your abilities and time constraints. All can help!

With gratitude,

Your area teaching committee

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