Thursday, June 19, 2008

Local Spiritual Assembly members actively support consolidation

Inspiring news from San Diego, CA (A), which is currently in a consolidation phase of the eighth cycle of its intensive program of growth. The entire membership of one of the Local Spiritual Assemblies in that cluster came to participate in the consolidation work, thereby providing encouragement to all the friends. The systematic and continuous consolidation activities are, among other things, resulting in further declarations. The momentum seems unstoppable! Some photos of the Assembly members, teachers and new believers in the neighborhood have been posted to the slide show section of this site.

Beloved Friends and cherished fellow spiritual descendants of the Dawnbreakers,

There has been so much incredible news during this consolidation phase that we've hardly had time to write it down to share!

Last Saturday all 9 members of the Local Spiritual Assembly came to one neighborhood to meet our beautiful new Bahá’ís and to go and visit others members of the community that we had not yet had a chance to meet. It was a day that was nothing short of paradise.

Truly friends, this exemplary action by all 9 members of our Local Spiritual Assembly in San Diego brings our cluster untold blessings and brought such joy to the heart of our National Spiritual Assembly who expressed the following: "Truly, yours is an example worthy to be held up for emulation by your sister Assemblies around the country, and we applaud you for your dedicated efforts." Attached is a picture of our Assembly members and teachers from Saturday.

This historic action and historic day was further blessed by 6 more new Bahá’ís who enrolled that day. Plus, we started two more Ruhi 1 study circles. Since then there have been teachers carrying out home visits for consolidation in this neighborhood every day of the week. This is truly an extraordinary victory, historic and unprecedented! Just two days ago there were 4 more new believers as a result of the consolidation visits.

There are now 69 new believers during this 8th cycle of our intensive program of growth. 57 enrolled during the expansion phase, and 12 enrolled during the consolidation phase.

With abounding joy and love,

The Area Teaching Committee

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