Monday, July 21, 2008

"They are there, just waiting for us."

A brief report from a friend in Spokane, WA (*C), in which 25 of the believers participated in a direct teaching effort. Stepping out into the field in a spirit of unity, supported by prayers, the receptivity they encountered is giving them confidence to continue. And you are never too young to give Anna’s presentation . . .

Dear Friends,

We just had our first experience in Spokane, Washington, with direct teaching! We spent the day with 25 Baha'is, with 16 teachers in 7 teams going out in the field and another 9 support people preparing food and saying prayers in the park.

Of the 99 homes where people were home and answered the door, 23 want "the next step" and are interested in another visit or presentation, or want to join a study circle, or want to attend a fireside or devotions. That means that one fourth of the people visited are interested in the Faith enough to want to hear more. Our Auxiliary Board member confirms that this means it is very receptive population. There was also a 7-year old who shared Anna’s presentation with another child at the park.

It was wonderful to share the Writings and be with these dear friends. Tomorrow we go back to do follow-ups. A wondrous day! Can you imagine if one fourth of the people in this country want to hear more about the Faith? WOW! They are there, just waiting for us.

With Love,


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