Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Youth brave the heat in Pittsburgh

Here is a report from a teaching effort in the Pittsburgh Area, PA (*C) cluster. Some of the friends had previously attended a teacher-training event in Rochester. What followed was a joyful and enthusiastic and very intense weekend devoted to teaching involving over a dozen youth. It’s been done before in subfreezing weather; these friends carried out their activities in 98 degree summer heat!

Some of the friends from Pittsburgh friends attended the teaching seminar in Rochester and planned their teaching project during that event.

14 youth and young adults (including 2 from Rochester) participated in a mini teaching seminar back in Pittsburgh which started Friday evening at 6pm and went until past midnight! They did not want to stop practicing. Saturday, after deepening on teaching quotes, more practice, and prayers, we went out to visit a neighborhood for 5 hours in 98 degree temperatures! . . .

The two Spiritual Assemblies provided teaching materials, hospitality and food and continued prayers throughout the weekend.

One outcome was a real opportunity for a junior youth group in the neighborhood. The teachers were to re-visit and meet with the parent of the junior youth interested during the week.

We gathered for reflection and celebration at 6:30 pm Saturday evening and left the host's house around 1:00 am!!

The friends now have a concrete example of the dynamics of a collective teaching effort, the community warmly rallied around the efforts of the youth and young adults, and the sweetness of their own teaching experience will be a real impetus for their ongoing efforts.

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