Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Everyone can find a part to play

An intensive program of growth involves many people collaborating and working together in unity to achieve a common goal. There are a wide variety of tasks to be done, so everyone can find a part to play. This article, from a recent newsletter for the Southern Nevada (A) cluster, outlines some of the different ways people can make a contribution to the success of an intensive program of growth.

How can you help with the IPG?

There are many ways to serve in the teaching and consolidation efforts. There are many avenues of service that must go hand in hand for an intensive program of growth to be a success. The cluster reflection meeting is a great place to find what role you would like to play. Here are some ways you can help:

Offering to say prayers at home for the success of the intensive program of growth.

Helping prepare meals for the friends. . . .

Cleaning the Bahá’í Center.

Organizing devotions during the intensive program of growth.

Offering to take notes of the experiences of the friends at the end of the day of teaching.

Offering to provide some program for the children while teachers are in the neighborhoods.

Offering to serve as a committed weekly children’s class teacher for new classes that are started in the neighborhoods.

Offering to make home visits to a new believer, present the deepening themes from Ruhi Book 2, and share prayers.

Offering to tutor a study circle in the home of a new believer.

Offering to be a silent “prayer partner” for someone that wishes to visit homes and give Anna’s presentation.

Being a general source of good will and upliftment for the teachers when they return from their activities.

Think about the talents you have that you can lend.

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