Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teaching when on the run

Throughout our day-to-day activities, we have countless and interactions with people during which we can teach the Faith. Not all of these situations will allow for a long conversation, yet there are still ways to respond to someone’s interest in knowing more about the Faith. Here is a list of simple and practical things that one can do in these types of interactions. It is taken from a recent newsletter of the San Francisco, CA (A) community.

Let’s say you’re talking with a friend, family member or co-worker, and that person asks you about your Faith. You give them some information, and answer their questions. Then what? Maybe the setting isn’t conducive to a long and deep discussion. Maybe you have to get back to work or catch your bus. What can you say and do to sincerely respond to the person’s interest? Here are some ideas. Surely you will think of other ways to follow up.

Understand that this individual might want to know why you are a Bahá’í, what attracted you to the Faith, and what it means to you.

“Let’s talk about this again. Want to come for dinner tonight? Take a walk at lunchtime? Meet for coffee?” (Quickly brush up on Anna’s presentation.) . . .

“I’m having some Bahá’í friends over this weekend; want to drop by?”

“I have some Bahá’í books at home; would you like to borrow one?” Then plan a time to discuss the book.

If there is a Bahá’í Center in your community: “At the Bahá’í Center we hold devotions and introductory sessions; would you like to go with me? We can browse in the bookstore, too.”

“Prayer is very important in the Bahá’í Faith. I would be happy to share prayers with you in your home.”

“We have a Holy Day celebration comeing up; I would be pleased if you would go with me.”

“There are study circles starting all the time; would you like to join one?”

“Occasionally we have Open Mic at the Bahá’í Center; want to go with me the next time?”

“Until we can talk again, is a Web site you can look at, with various language options to choose from. There is also, which has a Spanish option.”

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