Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sharing the message in the Center's neighborhood

A new Bahá’í Center has opened in the Long Island, NY (A) cluster, and the friends there have started reaching out to the Center’s neighbors. Here is a brief report from the area teaching committee secretary, who describes their initial experiences.

Here is some information about the teaching activities in Valley Stream, the location of the newly opened Baha'i Center by the Baha'is of Nassau County.

Everything started with the individual initiative of a few believers who decided to come together and then visit nearby homes, initially with the idea of letting people know that the Baha'i Center in their town was now open and that they were going around to meet the neighbors and share some information about the Baha'i Faith. Many people asked the Bahá’ís to come back. At present, the friends are conducting follow-up visits with those who have shown an interest in knowing more. . . .

Many things were learned through their experiences. One was that while most of the believers were initially apprehensive about going to people’s homes, it turned out that the experiences that they had were positive, and they will be willing to do it again. A great deal was learned about the town itself, one of which was that many, many people spoke Spanish, so we had a need for having more Spanish-speaking Baha'is on hand.

We are very excited about this effort and look forward to involving more of the believers, including the youth, in these activities.

Area Teaching Committee Secretary

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