Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Declaring is a natural process

A short report from a friend in a C-stage cluster in the Northeast region relating their experiences with Anna’s presentation. This is but one of many examples where parents who know the Bahá’ís are requesting that their children be registered in the Faith. It is also one of numerous examples where the invitation to join the Faith is made in a natural and comfortable manner.


I'm so happy to announce the declarations of my sister and her two sons. I had went through Anna's presentation with all three individually within the past week. ___ especially found the presentation to be "very simple, filled with wonderful quotes and prayers from the Writings”, and her children were engaged in it through each page and felt they got a more basic understanding of the Faith. The previous week she had told me she wanted to register her children as Bahá’ís and I obliged. I then asked her, “What about yourself?” She then said, “If this is the right thing for my sons, then it’s got to be the right thing for me! It’s time!”

Earlier today, ___ received her contact information and will assist in welcoming them to their local Bahá’í community and connecting them with core activities.

Your brother,


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