Friday, August 22, 2008

Junior youth arise to serve in East Valley

This is a truly amazing account from East Valley, AZ (A). It shows us the immense potential and capacity in the age group known as junior youth. It shows young people so in love with Bahá’u’lláh and sharing that intense love with their family and neighbors. It shows a new generation; it shows the future.

Dear Friends,

We are witnessing the amazing power of the Junior Youth in action. ___ is a member of a Bahá’í junior youth group. During the last teaching effort she assisted with Anna's Presentation several times, at one of which her Aunt declared her belief in Bahá’u’lláh. Recently ___ and several other junior youth expressed an interest in learning Anna's Presentation. The first day of this recent teaching effort, I was privileged to witness one of the most beautiful declarations I have ever seen, as she presented the Bahá’í Faith to her father. When she came to Bahá’u’lláh's life, she no longer needed to refer to the text as she explained His innate knowledge, His suffering, the chains He wore, how at each point of His exile His followers grew, how He suffered in the Most Great Prison and lost His son. At the end of this beautiful presentation, her father said, "This is new, before I just thought He was an educated man, but now that I know how He suffered, I believe so that He is a Manifestation of God!" Her certitude was truly amazing. . . .

We are now beginning to see the involvement of more junior youth, including from among families of new believers. A few of the young adults and youth are doing a fantastic job as animators of a number of junior youth groups. Here is one more story of a junior youth:

_____, another junior youth, came running up to tell us he had given Anna's presentation to his Grandfather. He was originally going to do this with an older person but as time did not permit, he took it upon himself to offer Anna’s presentation on his own! His Grandfather has now declared!

Another youth who declared at the age of fifteen is now teaching her own children’s class.

We can't stop the fire!


Your Area Teaching Committee

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