Friday, October 31, 2008

Building momentum in Iowa

The momentum is building up in Ames, IA (B) on a number of fronts. You can see it in increased activity, new contacts, new confidence, and new insights. Here is a brief report shared by an individual believer:

While summer months were slow, the pace of teaching is picking up, as evidenced by the number of new friends in study circles, including 3 from the community of interest, and a new children’s class, in which all of the students are also coming from the community of interest. Two “mini” teaching activities have been held, resulting in increased confidence and capacity among the believers. More of the friends are beginning to see themselves as teachers and more people who have completed the tutor training are beginning to tutor study circles.

I keep learning again and again how important it is to visit the tutors and to walk with them on the path of service. Also, while it is of course important to focus my efforts to support those who are already eager to move forward in understanding and action, I need to also remember to give attention to the other friends, as it eventually leads to their arising to serve as well.

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