Friday, October 31, 2008

"Reverse Home Visit" in New York City

Over and over again, the experience of the friends has been, “Go to where the seekers are.” Well, here’s an exception to the rule coming from New York City (A), where a Bahá’í was surprised to receive what I’m going to have to call a “reverse home visit”! This experience helped inspire one of the new believers into arising to start teaching.

One of the friends was talking to a new believer in the apartment lobby where they lived when the new believer’s neighbor approached them and asked if they were talking about the Bahá’í Faith. The friend had told this individual about the Faith some time ago but had forgotten about the encounter. So they made arrangements to meet at this neighbor’s apartment later that day. . . .

But they delayed getting to the appointment, so in the meantime this neighbor and her roommate, so anxious were they to hear about the Faith, took it on themselves to visit the Bahá’ís at this friend’s home. And so when the Bahá’ís stopped by their home on their way to the appointment, they found their neighbors in their living room with the friend’s parents!

The two individuals were very interested and spent over four hours conversing with their Bahá’í neighbors. They heard Anna’s presentation and had many questions. They were very interested to come to devotionals, as well as attend a study circle. At the end of the evening they were given a declaration card by their teachers in case they wished to sign it.

The new believer was quite moved by this teaching encounter. He is now enthused about becoming active, and has offered to hold a devotional at his place. He will be starting Book 1, and is working on bringing his son to a children's class.

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