Friday, October 31, 2008

New believers and old arising to serve in Knoxville

The good news can’t get any better than this. Here is a truly exciting report from an individual in Knoxville, TN (A), sharing some highlights from a recent teaching effort. Particularly noteworthy is that more and more of the friends—both new believers and old—are arising to participate in the teaching activities.

Dear friends,

We have wonderful news from our teaching effort:

7 of our newest believers are all participating in Ruhi Book 1, and 4 of them are about to start studying Book 2

There are now 15 additional people helping out on a regular basis for the teaching work. . . .

We have a well-established neighborhood children’s class attended by 29 children from the community. It is so much fun doing those classes! We follow the Hidden Gems program. There are many families from all around the world whose kids attend. We plan to start another class in another neighborhood.

With the help of a few dedicated college youth, we have our first ever neighborhood junior youth group. The college youth have become very active through the loving encouragement of the area teaching committee.

All of the new Bahá’ís from our last teaching effort are participating in the institute process, except for one family that moved out of the cluster.

Most important: Many of our new believers have arisen to serve, volunteering for the neighborhood children’s class, hosting devotional meetings at the Bahá’í Center, and teaching the Faith to their neighbors.

With love,



Unknown said...

I loved hearing about your past teaching activities! One question I have is what is the Hidden Gems Program? I assume that is is a curriculum for children's classes, but I cannot find much about it on the web. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, if your question have not been answered yet, please contact Magdalene carney Bahai INstitute - you could google their phone number and ask for information about this material.