Friday, November 7, 2008

Building on past efforts and learning

Progress takes work, and that is exactly what is happening in Triangle, NC (A). The friends are sharing the message, involving new believers in core activities, thinking about how to start teaching efforts in additional parts of the cluster, and coordinating their efforts among the institutions.

The Triangle Cluster is actively engaged in learning the process of direct teaching. We continue to work on strengthening the follow-up process with new believers and seekers. Many times due to their schedules their availability is limited and they are not always there for follow-up visits. It is important to be patient and not become disheartened by this. The study circles that have begun with the new believers are vibrant, and a couple of the new Baha’is are teaching their family and friends. One is regularly visiting a friend to share prayers with her.

Our focus for our next effort is to continue teaching in the neighborhood we have been working with so far, and then begin teaching in neighborhood in another city in the cluster. We have done a little bit of teaching there and found that people are interested in the Message. So we have consulted the Local Spiritual Assembly of that city, and they are supportive of having the teaching effort take place there.

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