Friday, November 7, 2008

Collaboration helps Louisville move forward

Collaboration and working together are helping Louisville, KY (B) move forward. In this brief report from an individual believer, you see the value of friends helping friends to start core activities. The power of a core team and Local Spiritual Assembly united and supporting each other. Also interesting is how a visit to an A-stage cluster to observe and participate in the activities there gives experience and encouragement to the friends in their home cluster.

The members of the area teaching committee are enthusiastic and working to understand their role in the development of the cluster. Collaboration is developing and they are a unified group supported by the Local Spiritual Assembly . . . .

To increase the vision of the Five Year Plan and help the friends learn about how a neighborhood teaching effort can be carried out, the Auxiliary Board member invited the core group to visit a nearby cluster to attend a reflection meeting and participate in a teaching initiative there, as well as observe a successful neighborhood children’s class. The friends reported that this was very helpful and encouraging and provided a strong vision for them to take back to their own cluster.

Some lessons learned: Devotional gatherings increase when people are committed and feel confident in hosting them. Those who have experience in tutoring can provide encouragement and accompaniment to these friends. Those who complete Ruhi Book 7 also need help in the process of starting a study circle.

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