Friday, November 7, 2008

"Building strong bonds of friendship is crucial to building a new civilization"

The friends in Kansas City, MO (A) are finding two factors especially important for their teaching efforts: children’s classes, and focusing on their community of interest. As an individual believer reports, the efforts are building friendships and community as well.

In the intensive effort, the friends visited a neighborhood and shared Anna’s presentation with those who were interested. After this effort, there were 60 people in the community of interest, we continued to re-visit them. People are particularly interested in children’s classes, almost all the mothers are interested in it. The children's class also helps establish a relationship and trust, and later on the mothers often express interest in learning about the Faith . . . .

During the second effort, we focused on expanding core activities, increasing the membership of our community of interest, and building human resources. Inviting parents to help teach the children class helps form closer relationships. Building strong bonds of friendship is crucial to building a new civilization.

Currently the friends engaged in teaching form their own groups and stay together over two or three cycles. They form their own plans based on current needs. We hope to multiply core activities among our community of interest during this next effort. We will do this by asking participants to invite other people who may be interested to join their activities. The friends have also been encouraged to hold neighborhood Feasts.

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