Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A neighborhood children's class grows and grows in Anaheim

Normally when I hear the phrase “neighborhood children’s class”, I think of something small-scale. Well, they may start out that way, but they sure don’t stay that way! Here is a delightful report from Anaheim, CA (B) about a successful neighborhood children’s class in that cluster. It is not only growing and flourishing, but is a source of inspiration to the friends there. Another noteworthy item is the efforts to engage the friends and start core activities in additional parts of the cluster. Go Anaheim!

A neighborhood children’s class has been the cluster’s focus in recent months. An average of 10 to 15 people have contributed their energy towards this effort each week for the past four months, by teaching the class, preparing snacks, organizing games, helping with songs, and carrying out home visits with parents. . . .

The class has an average attendance of 24 students. The children arrive at the park early and are very enthusiastic about learning the prayers, quotations and songs. The class has now been broken into two smaller classes, and over time there is potential of creating additional children’s classes as well as starting a junior youth group.

The class has been an inspiration for everyone who has been involved with it, and it has taught us many things, as well as giving us a priceless experience.

Also, recently a very vibrant reflection meeting was held in a community on the side of the cluster where there are no Local Spiritual Assemblies but some potential resources. The core team hopes to capitalize on the enthusiasm that has been generated so we can multiply core activities in this part of the cluster.

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