Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Keeping everything balanced in Huntsville

Huntsville, AL (B) had a very eventual and exciting summer. In that cluster, the friends carried out a teaching effort, assisted by a couple dozen youth participating in Project Badi. Lots of foundations were laid and lessons learned from this effort, and a neighborhood children’s class was also established. Here is an excerpt from a report shared by one of the believers in that cluster. Huntsville’s experience has generated many intriguing and useful insights about how to coordinate human resources and organize all the work and above all how to keep everything balanced.

A major issue is how to encourage growth in our cluster without overtaxing the small groups of active believers carrying out the work. Out of the process it was realized that care is needed to preserve our human resources while keeping the teaching activities at a manageable level. Also, a greater effort can be made to engage more believers in the process through accompaniment, as well as through setting up opportunities to practice Anna’s Presentation and how to invite people to declare.

It was also recognized that prioritizing Bahá’í commitments is important, such as making sure to free up the core team from tasks that can be taken on by others.

Further, It is important to fine tune the process of data collection. Creating good lines of communication between the Local Spiritual Assemblies in the cluster and the core team has also proven to be crucial. For example, the core team can inform the Local Assemblies of planned activities and enlist their assistance, as well as the support from the rest of the community.

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