Friday, December 5, 2008

Newark is "in it to win it"

There is only one phrase to describe Newark, NJ (B): on the move! Here is a brief report of a recent Nineteen Day Feast, and you can just feel the energy and excitement. This is a wonderful example of how the Feast is a perfect vehicle for consulting and planning and moving forward with action. And mention must be made of their Bahá’í Jeopardy game—with categories like “Five Year Plan” and “Vibrant Institute Process”, you know the only outcome is going to be more and more teaching!

There is only one word to describe today’s Feast. That is, “Jampacked”! Not only was the home jampacked with 25 Bahá’ís, but it was jampacked with inspirational prayers, singing, and drumming. Our Consultation was jampacked with sharing of ideas resulting in the coming together in unity of the minds and hearts of the Friends.

Today’s Feast was also special because 3 of the 7 new believers in the Newark Area Cluster attended. What a cause for celebration! We discussed in detail the letter from the Regional Bahá’í Council informing us of our advancement to a B-stage cluster and all that that entails for revving up our teaching efforts. Today many seeds were planted to further the institute process and increase the core activities in the Newark Area Cluster.

And whoever said consultation can’t be fun? This Feast it was exactly that as we partook of a fabulous meal complete with a “B” Cluster Cake while the chair of the Feast led us in an exciting game of Bahá’í Jeopardy. We all scored points and had a fabulous time. We are “in it to win it” friends!

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