Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some thoughts on sustainability

Throughout the country, the friends are learning how to increase the effectiveness of their teaching efforts. An important issue is how to make teaching—and the follow-up efforts—sustainable. Here are a couple of insights shared by friends from two clusters about sustainable teaching and follow-up.

For example, a report from Chattanooga, TN (B) recognizes the value of visiting teachers but that local human resources are always essential:

When visiting teachers take part in a teaching effort, it is essential that a local Bahá’í accompany them in order to establish a connection with the seekers. This also enables us to follow up more quickly (i.e., within 24 to 48 hours later).

And here are some comments from Houston, TX (A) showing that the quality of the teaching encounter helps determine the ease of follow-up:

We are learning from our collective teaching activities that sharing the Faith should be done thoroughly rather than just taking 20 minutes. Starting a Book 1 study circle right after an individual declares is crucial. We are also going to not just rely on collective teaching activities but also focus on teaching those participating in core activities, as well as holding firesides.

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Anonymous said...

Follow up is essential and we find that it is better not to rush to get a declaration on the first visit if the spouse is opposed. In the end, the declarant does not participate or accept follow up visits. If the spouse listens, even if they don't accept the Faith right away, it is OK. . .