Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Step by step

This brief report from an A-stage cluster in the Central region is not only inspiring but also interesting because it so clearly outlines the process by which one individual entered the Cause. First was contacting the 1-800-22UNITE phone line. Next was being connected with local friends. This was followed by close personal encounters and study of Ruhi 1, and participation in core activities. Then a warm invitation to join the Faith. And finally, plunging into the overwhelming thrill and joy of the Central Regional Baha’i Conference!

Hi friends,

__ had first contacted the Bahá’ís through the 1-800-22UNITE phone line and came to a fireside in August during our intensive teaching effort. She had been nurtured by one of the believers in a personalized Ruhi 1 study circle and attended other events such as a weekly devotional/fireside. On Thursday, the host of that event asked if she was ready to accept the Faith, and she said yes. This weekend, she attended the Regional Bahá’í Conference. She actively participated in the workshop session about assisting a neighboring *C-stage cluster.

I asked her if she was enjoying the conference. She had a very satisfied smile on her face and said, yes, very much! She had been wanting community fellowship, and was very happy to be part of this large, wonderful gathering of friends.



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