Monday, February 2, 2009

Be ready for teaching anywhere

These two WONDERFUL stories from Prince Georges County, MD (B) will bring a big smile to your face. The first story is shared by a believer who lives in a nearby A-stage cluster and is assisting with the teaching work in Prince Georges County. This is yet another thrilling example of a pledge made at the recent Regional Bahá’í Conferences transformed into action!


I have been going teaching in Prince Georges County. There were 2 declarations yesterday, and 3 people are have expressed interest in studying Ruhi Book 1. One of the gentleman who declared mentioned that he will ask his friends to come and join us in this class. . . .

I am working on taking Book 5 so I can start a junior youth group. As a result of attending the Conference, I am also taking Book 6.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Best wishes,


The next story is shared by the Regional Bahá’í Council for the Southeastern states and shows how teaching can occur in any venue if we are flexible and open to the possibilities, and that once the spark of Faith is in the hearts of a new believer, they are already teachers of the Cause and eager to share the Faith with others.

Dear Friends,

A most heartwarming teaching story occurred during the teaching effort in Prince George's County cluster this past weekend. This is a cluster that is scheduled to launch its first intensive program of growth before Ridvan 2009.

It all started at a restaurant where a group of the friends—some from neighboring clusters who had pledged in Atlanta Regional Conference to assist this cluster—had gathered to prepare for their day of teaching. A sequence of unexpected events then occurred that prevented some of them from visiting the neighborhoods as planned.

While waiting in line, one of the Baha'is was approached by a young man who engaged her in conversation. After a few brief casual remarks, he then moved to a small dinning room and started talking with another Baha'i who had just arrived. The conversation quickly turned to the Faith. Other Baha'is joined the group and a presentation of the Faith was given. The young man accepted the Faith and immediately enrolled. The teacher then took him through the first page of Ruhi Book 1. His energy and enthusiasm were such that when they were about to leave to go teaching in the neighborhood, one of the Baha'is invited him to join them. He readily accepted.

As the group was leaving the restaurant, a friend of the new believer approached. The new Baha'I immediately started telling his friend about the Faith he had just accepted. The whole group then went back into the restaurant. Anna’s presentation was shared with this new friend. He, too, accepted the Faith and enrolled. Two of the Baha'is immediately arranged to start a study circle with the new believers on Sunday. The two new believers are now excited to start sharing their new found Faith with their friends.

This was truly an opportunity to witness how direct teaching can occur just about "anywhere". It illustrates how we should keep our minds open to everyday situations where a conversation about the Faith can occur.

With loving Baha'i greetings,

Your Regional Bahá’í Council

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