Monday, February 2, 2009

Using spreadsheets to help spread the Message

A quick highlight on a “tool in the toolbox” that the friends can use to organize their efforts: In North of Atlanta, GA (B), an Excel spreadsheet is being used to record service pledges by the believers in that cluster. The following message was sent out to the Bahá’ís:

Dear Friends,

Our cluster is on the go and we are gaining momentum. Attached, please find an Excel spreadsheet with the countdown to our Intensive Program of Growth. I have added those names to the list who have volunteered thus far. Please respond with your availability and I will add your name and send this out periodically. Even if you can serve for an hour, your help is needed!



Among the various events on the spreadsheet are several “test teaching” efforts to prepare the friends for their first intensive program of growth, as well as intensive-format institute courses for youth and adults. Already, many of the believers have signed up their names to serve.

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