Thursday, February 5, 2009

Human resources at all levels

This summary list of “lessons learned” from the recent teaching efforts in Nevada North (A) raises a number of interesting points related to human resources. They are gaining experience in making effective use of human resources from other clusters, from within their cluster, and within the specific neighborhoods and apartment complexes where they have been teaching.

Having individuals from another cluster come and assist was an energizing experience for all of us. Guests from outside the cluster should be paired up with individuals from the local area. . . .

Connecting with many of the individuals who previously expressed interest when we last visited can be challenging due to economic and personal situations requiring them to work unpredictable hours.

Prayer teams provided a spiritual atmosphere for the teaching work.

It was helpful to have available people who lived in the apartment complex we were visiting who could serve as Spanish translators.

Anna’s presentation in Spanish needs to be summarized when we introduce it.

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