Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning from the community

Each community, each neighborhood is unique. The friends in Monterey, CA (B) have embarked on a teaching effort in their cluster and are learning from the community with whom they are working. They are identifying the human resources they need, adapting their approaches, and looking to the longer term.

The homefront pioneer to the cluster has opened many doors. His bilingual skills have allowed for greater connection with the local community.

A good long-term solution to language issues is for bilingual residents of the neighborhood to participate in the training institute courses. . . .

Scheduling of Ruhi study circles needs to be flexible to accommodate the schedules of seekers and new believers. We should not hold up and delay some people waiting for others to be available. This usually necessitates having small, one-on-one study circles.

We have learned that in the three apartment complexes in which we are working there live many people from the same locality in Mexico, and many of them are relatives to each other. These pre-existing relationships can be a foundation for us to reach out to others in this community.

Having in place a clear and specific action plan helps us to maintain focus.

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