Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer pledge leads to teaching

One type of pledge that thousands of friends made at the recent Regional Bahá’í Conferences was to pray daily for success in teaching at the individual and cluster levels. One believer from the South Central region shares her experience with fulfilling her prayer pledge. This is also an example of how the spirit of the conferences is leading to clusters more systematically support each other’s efforts.

The Universal House of Justice has given us a system for growth. And guess what . . . It works!

At the Regional Conference in Dallas, I pledged to pray daily for my neighboring cluster. I thought about the souls in that cluster that I have already been teaching about the Faith. Three souls in particular came to mind. . . .

I enjoy Facebook. One evening, A was on Facebook and invited me to chat. We ended up deciding that we would meet for lunch. She then invited B. On Tuesday evening, B called and asked where we were meeting and was I inviting C. So I also invited C—now all 3 of my contacts were coming. I asked if I could invite some other Bahá’í friends.

We all met at a restaurant. What a fun time we had! Everyone hit it off. The Bahá’ís did a GREAT job of explaining the study circles to them and inviting them to an upcoming Book 1 study circle on campus.

Isn't it amazing to see the House of Justice’s plan work so smoothly?

Pray for receptive souls,
Meet with receptive souls with the intention of direct teaching,
Invite them to a study circle that will be beginning soon!

Ya Baha’u’l-Abha!


P.S. I am a homefront pioneer in a neighboring cluster. Up until the Dallas Regional Conference, I had looked to the B and C clusters to support our activities. Now I realize that the Universal House of Justice wants me to support the B and C clusters.

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