Monday, March 30, 2009

Attitude of learning brings progress in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO (A) has recently embarked on an intensive program of growth. The following report is full of activities: believers advancing through the institute process, devotional gatherings, firesides, children’s classes, teaching teams, and lots of joy! What is interesting is how the friends are exemplifying a learning attitude: They reflect on their experiences, stay flexible, experiment, and as a result become even more effective. Go Fort Collins!

Engagement in the institute process within this cluster has turned the Northern Colorado Baha'i Center (just south of Fort Collins in Loveland) into a hub of activity. 4 declarations of faith were made within the past month in this newly advanced A-stage cluster, and an additional declaration took place at a fireside during the recent intensive teaching effort. . . .

Over the first weekend, 8 teaching teams formed, and commitments were made for devotional gatherings, firesides and children's classes. The friends also planned to set up junior youth groups and to expand the community of interest. With 8 teams participating, it was possible to visit 500 homes over the first weekend. It was estimated that about 15 percent of the people the teams met were interested in talking to the Bahá’ís. The friends were excited to embrace a new believer who is the grandmother of children participating in the neighborhood class and who is now herself participating in Book 1.

The friends consulted on their experience over the first weekend and wondered if there might be other parts of the cluster with even greater receptivity. So they turned their attention to one neighborhood where one of the friends resided. Two teams went to this area, and were able, within a short time, to speak with 12 people. Out of these 12 people, 9 were very open to hearing about the Faith! The teaching team’s willingness to experiment and to be flexible with their plans was rewarded with success: 9 out of 12 people interested!

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