Monday, March 30, 2009

The power of optimism

One of the main goals of the recently concluded series of Regional Bahá’í Conferences was to instill optimism and confidence in the friends. The transforming power of this optimism is loud and clear in this report from Boulder, CO (A). The friends who could attend shared their enthusiasm with those who could not, and a fire of excitement was enkindled. An “Aha!” moment has occurred and the friends are now seeing that success is not just possible over there but right here at home as well. And they are acting on this “Aha”!

Boulder displays enthusiasm, love and unity, and dedication to the institute process.

Friends from this cluster traveled to the Northwest Regional Bahá’í Conference in Portland and came back home on fire. A celebratory meeting was held with short talks by friends who had attended the event and who were engaged in the core activities. The cluster was energized by this meeting because the friends began to realize what was possible right in their own area, not just in some far-away cluster. . . .

Suddenly, the reflection meetings grew to standing room only at the Lafayette Bahá’í Center in Boulder County. People began to increasingly volunteer to do things, and they started bringing their friends. The community of interest surged to 41. There were 28 people who completed the sequence recently in this cluster, with many tutors ready and willing to arise to meet any need. The community has transformed and taken on an increasingly outward-looking orientation.

A local children's class now hosts 14 children, 13 of whom are from the wider society. This is due to a recently arrived Nepalese Bahá’í family that dedicated itself to talking with as many neighbors as possible and getting the classes running. The devotional gathering at the Lafayette Center was re-started and now has seekers coming, including the parents of children in the classes. The friends are talking to people and are very excited about the prospects for accelerated growth. Soon a teaching project in an apartment complex will begin. The Area Teaching Committee is very optimistic, especially since the friends arranged themselves into 8 teaching teams at the recent reflection meeting.

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